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We support orthopedic and sports medicine clinical needs through transformative developments from R&D, new innovations from acquisitions, and our storied Linvatec brand. Reliable and effective disposable and capital solutions support your arthroscopic and minimally-invasive procedures to enhance patient outcomes.

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BioBrace® Reinforced Implant

Strengthen your repair, optimize your healing. Unlike traditional implant materials that are either synthetic or biologic, BioBrace® is a biocomposite of both. Use for tendon, ligament, and cuff reinforcement.

animation of shoulder bone and biobrace implant

Argo Knotless® Suture Anchor

Achieve knotless fixation with controlled tension with a dual-thread pattern for cortical and cancellous fixation

argo knotless suture anchor angled right showing suture

CartiMax® Viable Cartilage Allograft

An off-the-shelf solution with optimal handling properties that is reshaping the future of cartilage repair

two fingers wearing blue latex gloves holding cartimax viable cartilage allograft showing its features

Infinity AIM™ Meniscal Repair Device

Maximize your repair with minimal anatomic disruption

aim meniscal repair full product

Tailored Innovation for Foot and Ankle

CONMED offers a full portfolio of arthroplasty, biologic, fixation, implant, suture anchor, and instrumentation solutions for foot and ankle surgery.

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