The Paradigm® Hip System was designed by some of the world’s leading hip surgeons. With a focus on safety and simplicity, this portfolio provides surgeons with reliable solutions for hip arthroscopy.

Key Components of Our Hip Portfolio

Paradigm® ClickLok™ All-Suture Anchor

Next generation labral fixation for the hip

paradigm clicklock full product shot

Paradigm® EZ Switch® and Access Kit

Enabling surgeons to access the hip joint easily and safely, reducing procedural time and touchpoints

paradigm ez switch's portal saver system

Paradigm® Retractable Blades

Featuring a retractable blunt sheath to protect the articular cartilage and tissue during a capsulotomy

paradigm straight blade and paradigm hook blade

Paradigm® Slim™ and Slim Raven™ Suture Retriever and Passer

Slim, low-profile design with a 15° upward angle for accurate suture management

paradigm slim suture retriever and slim raven suture passer

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