Treating knee pathologies comes with unique complexities. CONMED is committed to addressing the procedural opportunities that have direct patient impacts. Together we will optimize outcomes.

Key Components of Our Knee Portfolio

Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button

An adjustable, reversible loop button for femoral fixation

infinity femoral adjustable loop button attached to sutures

BioBrace® Reinforced Implant

Strengthen your repair, facilitate healing

long singular strand of biobrace with sutures

Infinity AIM™ Meniscal Repair Device

Maximize your repair with minimal anatomic disruption

aim meniscal repair full product

Infinity™ Modular Guide System

An all-in-one system that can accommodate multiple techniques and procedures

infinity modular guide arm

Infinity™ Retro-Reamer

Enabling tunnel creation from the outside-in for procedures where precision is critical

infinity retro-reamer

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Step into the future of cartilage repair with CartiMax®

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