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Supporting Gynecology Surgery Outcomes from Start to Finish

Clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of a low-pressure approach with AirSeal® compared to standard insufflation, including improved anesthesia metrics and reduced postoperative pain.1-8

Shorter stays in the PACU1,2

Reduced 30-day readmission rates3

Enhanced ease of ventilation4

Reduced insufflation-related complications9

The faster we can get people out of recovery, even if it’s just minutes, helps our surgeons be able to proceed with our next procedure and provide quality care to more patients.

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Bahareh M. Nejad, MD

Director of Robotic Surgery and Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

For over 50 years, CONMED has been a reliable name in electrosurgery. Our premium ESU lines optimize energy delivery in the OR, while providing hospital administrators with a complete offering of dispersive electrode pads, electrosurgical pencils, niche electrodes, and reusable forceps.

The HelixAR™ ABC® System offers monopolar specialty modes and argon beam coagulation technology for rapid hemostasis and argon-enhanced dissection.

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