Restore natural movement of the first ray

The CoLink Vallux® active bunion procedure is our joint-sparing, minimally invasive solution for triplanar Hallux Valgus correction. CONMED surgical power and MIS burs offer more options.

CoLink® Vallux Active Bunion Plating System

The CoLink® Vallux system offers a joint-sparing MIS solution for tri-planar Hallux Valgus correction.

animated colink vallux plate being screwed into bone

NeoSpan® SE Compression Staples

A superelastic compression-ready fixation system designed for fixation of fractures, fusions, or osteotomies

neospan staples and animated bone

MIS Burs

Designed to deliver <5mm cuts for percutaneous procedures

two mis burs tips

Unleash Your Precision

A cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instrument that delivers the power you need

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