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BiCap® III

Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

BiCap® III Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) features a convenient front panel volume control and Pulse Cut Mode to provide precise energy bursts for critical dissections. The ESU also includes CONMED's Dynamic Response Technology, which reacts to different tissue impedances in less than 1ms, ensuring a consistent delivery of power and clinical effect while minimizing surrounding tissue damage. There is an option to select automatic programming, which restores the BiCap® III to last settings used.

Achieve even energy distribution with the BiCap® Superconductor™ Probes. These bipolar hemostasis probes feature three pairs of electrodes and a ceramic tip. They help provide consistent power distribution and heat dissipation. An omnidirectional electrode spacing and large electrode area provide thermal heating with reduced tissue sticking and larger area coverage.

Probes are available with a short 3.3mm probe tip length for easier passage through a deflected scope. Color-coded shafts allow for the easy identification of size. A central irrigation channel helps improve visibility.

Documents and Specifications


BiCap® III Monopolar Footswitch

CAT # 60-6700-001
Cable Length 15.00ft (4.57m)

Capital Unit

BiCap® III ESU 120.00V

CAT # 60-8512-120

BiCap® III System Including Footpedals

CAT # 60-8512-SYS


BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 10.00F, 300cm

CAT # BP-10300A

BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 7.00F, 350.00cm

CAT # BP-7350A

BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 7.00F, 300.00cm

CAT # BP-7300A

BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 5.00F, 200.00cm

CAT # BP-5200A

BiCap® Multi-electrode Bipolar Hemostasis Probe 7.00F, 350.00cm, Short Tip

CAT # BP-7350S

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