CONMED Makes an Impact at San Diego Shoulder Institute


Last month, CONMED headed to the San Diego Shoulder Institute's 41st Annual Shoulder Course. Surgeons from around the world enjoyed learning about our key shoulder products.

Surgeons Loved the Remarkable Capabilities of BioBrace®

Surgeons flocked to the CONMED booth to see what the BioBrace® Reinforced Implant was all about. International surgeons in particular showed a large interest in the strength and healing capabilities of BioBrace®, as many had not been using augmentation. Many surgeons were surprised by the implant’s strength and ability to integrate back into the native tissue. They were also pleased to learn that BioBrace® can maintain its integrity after getting wet and being passed through a cannula, which was a pain point for other implants on the market.

Want to see BioBrace® in action? Watch Dr. Scott Sigman's Rotator Cuff Repair Augmented with BioBrace®.

Spectrum MVP™ Was a Hit

Spectrum MVP™, a low-profile suture hook, grabbed the attention of many surgeons. As CONMED's most versatile suture passer, surgeons appreciated the idea of passing and retrieving a suture out of a single portal. The Spectrum® family of suture passers set the bar for precise, efficient, and versatile suture passing.

We loved interacting with surgeons at the San Diego Shoulder Institute’s 41st Annual Shoulder Course. Many got to try our Y-Knot® family of all-suture anchors and our Argo Knotless® Suture Anchor, which puts the surgeon in control of tensioning. To find out more about what CONMED has to offer for your needs, head to our Products Page.