Open Foot and Ankle Surgery

The tools to success

Achilles Reconstruction

CONMED's MicroFree® Power System and fixation options aid this procedure

Ankle Reconstruction of Lateral Ligaments

TenoLok® provides a percutaneous solution to this technique commonly referred to as "Anti-RoLL"

Brostrom Repair

TruShot® provides fixation into the distal fibula

Deltoid Ligament Repair

TruShot® aids in this repair that is effective for patients with flat foot deformities

FDL Tendon Transfer

TruShot® is used to transfer the Flexor Digitorum Longus to the Posterior Tibial Tendon

Plantar Plate Repair

A plantar approach to stabilize the metatarsophalangeal joint

Say GOODBYE to heavy, motion-restricting pistol-grip handpieces and HELLO to Hall® MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System.

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