Disposable Endoscope Valves

Why put your patient's safety and facility's reputation at risk reprocessing endoscope valves when you could use CleanGuard™ Disposable Endoscope Valves?

Meeting the standards of AORN, AAMI, and SGNA,1,2,3 these single-use valves are designed to help you protect patients by reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). It's one less risk to worry about.

Effective endoscope reprocessing isn't easy. In fact, there are over 40 Steps in the leading flexible scope manufacturer’s reprocessing manual for cleaning and disinfecting reusable scope valves – including 7 WARNINGS and 5 CAUTIONS.4 By switching to single-use valves, you remove several steps from the process and help eliminate a potential risk to patients. In addition to peace of mind, these valves are also designed to increase efficiency by eliminating the time and effort required to reprocess endoscope valves.

What Threats May Be Hiding on Your “Patient-Ready” Reprocessed Valves?
A private study by Nova Group showed that of 64 Air/Water and Suction valves deemed to be “patient ready” 60.2% contained bacteria, yeast, mold, or spores.5 Likewise, an EndoNurse report found that 8 of 15 (53.3%) biopsy port valves exhibited some form of debris after cleaning.6


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Documents and Specifications

CleanGuard™ Disposable Endoscope Valve Set for Olympus scopes (Air/Water Valve, Suction Valve & Biopsy Valve)

CAT # 200305

CleanGuard™ Disposable Endoscope Valve Set for Olympus scopes (Air/Water Valve, Suction Valve, Biopsy Valve and Aux. Water Connector))

CAT # 200310

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