Multi-Function Nebulizer and Oxygen Delivery Adapter

Product Overview

Seamlessly connecting to standard oxygen masks and tubing, the MUNODA® Respiratory Adapter enables the simultaneous delivery of oxygen and nebulized medication. Allowing multiple configurations, this adapter provides respiratory therapists and EMTs with a versatile solution for a wide range of treatments.

Features & Benefits

  • Patient Benefits
    • Comfort - Eliminates the need for a nebulization cup between the patient’s face and mask.
  • Clinical Benefits
    • Effective - Delivers Oxygen AND Nebulized Medicine. Eliminates having to switch between oxygen AND medication.
    • Efficient - Steady medication administration. Vertical nebulization cup allows complete administration of medication compared to horizontal and angled nebulization cups.
    • Versatile - Expands treatment possibilities. Enables multiple configurations such as double cups or double reservoir bags.
  • Facility Benefits
    • Cost Effective - Tackle multiple respiratory conditions with one device. Use for bronchospasm, tracheostomy, and other conditions that require a combination of inhaled medication or simultaneous oxygen and medicine.
    • Simple - Configures to a variety of respiratory equipment while reducing the need for additional adapters.
  • One Adapter for Multiple Respiratory Therapies
    • Acute Cardio-Pulmonary Distress (Nebulization Cup and Oxygen Reservoir Bag)
    • Acutely Ill Patients (Double Oxygen Reservoir Bag)
    • Chronically Ill Patients (Nebulization Cup with Venturi Mask)
    • Status Asthmaticus Patients (Double Nebulization Cup)
    • Open Stoma or Tracheostomy Patients (Nebulization Cup and Treated Air for use with T-Collar Mask)
    • Trauma or Post-Op Patients (Nebulization Cup and Treated Air for use with Face Tent) 
MUNODA® Multi-Function Nebulizer and Oxygen Delivery Adapter
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