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Looking Glass™ 4K

Camera Head - 3MOS Eyecup

The Looking Glass™ 4K Camera Head is durable, fully autoclavable, and features a 3-chip CMOS sensor. It leverages CONMED's ShockFlex™ technology to help prevent damage from accidental drops. The camera head's indented focus ring aids in traction, while its ergonomics and low-profile coupler allow it to be held in different configurations for different specialties.

A 5-button remote-style design places more control in the hands of the user, enabling easy adjustments from the sterile field. The middle Information button (i) provides quick access to identify what each of the four outer buttons are programmed to do. Each button can be programmed to perform one of several actions. Access to the complete Looking Glass™ menu is also available via long button press on the "i" button. In addition, up to a 2:1 electronic zoom is controllable by the camera head button.

With the Looking Glass™ integrated monitor and Camera Connector Interface, you'll save valuable OR space on your cart. The camera head is also a smart investment, as autoclavable camera heads eliminate more expensive sterilization methods like Sterrad and Steris.1 CONMED backs up this reliability with a 7-year warranty against steam penetration.


1 "An Economic Analysis of the Benefits of Sterilizing Medical Instruments in Low-Temperature Systems Instead of Steam." American Journal of Infection Control, Elsevier, 29 Mar. 2017, www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0196655317301475.

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