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Patients that have sustained an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, often a sports-related injury, may require surgery to reconstruct the ACL. In this procedure, a graft, either from the patient or from a donor, is used to replace the torn ligament. While there are many methods for fixation of the graft, fixating the graft at the aperture may offer a stiffer construct to prevent graft laxity and tunnel widening post-operatively1,2



ExoShape® ACL Reconstruction Solution

  • Non-Rotational: protects the graft from thread damage
  • Aperture Fixation: achieves anatomic reconstruction
  • Shape Memory PEEK Altera®: simplified insertion and expansion


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1Porter, MD. Femoral Aperture Fixation Versus Cortical Fixation for ACL Reconstruction Using Autologous Hamstring Graft: A Computer Navigation Study. Arthroscopy, Volume 33, Issue 10 , e141 - e142.
2L’Insalata JC, Klatt B, Fu FH, Harner CD. Tunnel expansion following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A comparison of hamstring and patellar tendon autografts. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 1997;5:234-238.

Ce document fournit des informations sur l'utilisation des appareils et instruments médicaux CONMED dans les interventions chirurgicales.  Bien qu’il soit révisé par des médecins, il ne constitue pas un avis médical et chaque chirurgien doit se baser sur son propre jugement professionnel avant de l'utiliser pour traiter un patient particulier.  Les chirurgiens doivent être formés à l'utilisation de ces dispositifs avant l’intervention et doivent toujours se référer à l'étiquetage du produit, y compris les instructions d'utilisation, avant d'utiliser un dispositif médical.

What our customers have to say."I have used ExoShape® as my primary method for ACL reconstruction for several years.  The ExoShape® solution allows outstanding fixation strength and aperture fixation creating a construct that is both strong and stiff."

- Geoffrey B. Higgs, MD
Paid CONMED consultant

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