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AirSeal® Filtered Tube Sets

Each AirSeal® mode of operation uses a specific filtered tube set to maximize system performance.

AirSeal Mode: Tri-Lumen Filtered Tube Set (ASM-EVAC1)

  • Must be used with an AirSeal® Access Port
  • 3 Lumens for creation and maintenance of pneumoperitoneum, smoke evacuation, and continuous gas delivery
  • 0.01µ filter
  • Ships with a single lumen adapter to facilitate use with a Veress needle or conventional trocar 

Smoke Evacuation Mode: Dual-Lumen (Bifurcated) Smoke Evac Filtered Tube Set (SEM-EVAC)

  • Used with 2 conventional trocars
  • 2 Lumens for high flow insufflation and smoke evacuation
  • 0.01µ Filter

Standard Insufflation Mode: Single Lumen Filtered Tube Set (SIM-TUB)

  • Used with any insufflation system
  • Single lumen for high flow insufflation
  • 0.027µ Filter

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