Allograft Cartilage and Tissue

for Foot and Ankle Procedures


AlloAid® Wedges

Dense cancellous and porous structure for optimal bone incorporation

two alloaid wedges

ENHANCE® Deformity Correction Allografts

Pre-shaped Evans, Cotton, and Arch wedges 

two different allograft wedges for deformity correction

ENHANCE® Metatarsal Lengthening Allografts

MPJ, Proximal, and Brachymetatarsal segments 

three differently shaped metatarsal lengthening allografts showing their inside texture


CartiMax® Viable Cartilage Allograft

Viable chondrocytes, optimal handling, 24-month shelf life1
1 Data on file, MTF Biologics.

two fingers wearing blue latex gloves holding cartimax viable cartilage allograft showing its features


AlloAid® BioNail

Sterile allograft for fixation and augmentation of small bone osteotomies of the foot

animation of alloaid bionail in bone

AlloAid® PIP Sterile Allograft

Features conductive properties and a tapered design to resist rotation

animation of alloaid pip in the bone

AlloAid® SubChon Osteoconductive Scaffold

A proprietary dense cancellous osteoconductive allograft scaffold that resorbs over time

animation of alloaid subchon in bone


AlloAid® Dermal Matrix

Sterilized human acellular dermis processed to maintain integrity of biologic and structural components

flat white alloaid dermal matrix


AlloAid® BP

An osteoconductive and osteoinductive demineralized moldable bone putty

inside of alloaid bone putty

BioV® Bioactive Matrix

A synergistic combination of Bioactive Glass and Demineralized Bone Matrix

two fingers holding a round piece of biov

i2b® Bead Kit

A unique tri-blend of pure synthetic resorbable bone void filler

animation of the i2b resorbable bead kit

Tribio® Backfill Plugs

Unique bone void filler created with proprietary material

animation of tribio backfull plugs