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Dermal Matrix

AlloAid® Dermal Matrix is sterilized human acellular dermis (ACD) that is processed to maintain the integrity of the biologic and structural components of the extracellular matrix. The epidermal layer has been removed, eliminating the need to provide side-specific placement. The allograft encourages vascularization and cell repopulation.

AlloAid® Dermal Matrix is gamma irradiated to SAL 10-6. This SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) designates that the possibility of finding an unsterile product will be one in a million. The allograft remodels naturally without the need for chemical crosslinking, which avoids concerns of residual chemicals.

No refrigeration is required, as AlloAid® is able to be stored on the shelf at ambient temperature. It comes prehydrated and ready to use.

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