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Paradigm® Slim™ and Slim Raven™

Suture Retriever and Passer

For traditional suture passing, the Paradigm® Slim Raven™ Suture Passer's sharp tip and low-profile jaws are intended to easily pass and retrieve suture with minimal disruption to the labrum. This may help preserve tissue. The 15° upward angle is designed to provide accurate suture passing in the tight hip joint.

The Paradigm® Slim™ Suture Retriever allows the sutures to easily slide through the jaws for effective retrieval. This manual suture retrieving device also features a 15° upward angle.

Documents and Specifications


Paradigm™ Slim Raven™ Suture Passer, 15° up

CAT # PGU700

Paradigm™ Slim Suture Retriever, 15° up

CAT # PGU701

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