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Visibility System

Understanding a surgeon's need to see clearly during laparoscopic surgery, LaparoVue® is an all-in-one solution designed to take the complexity out of achieving optimal visualization. An easy to use, disposable multi-purpose device that warms, white balances, cleans, and defogs, LaparoVue® eliminates the necessity for multiple product purchases.

LaparoVue® warms a laparoscope in 5 minutes to prevent fogging and eliminates surfactant leaks while warming and white balancing. The scope cradle supports and protects during warming and white balancing.

Clean and defog your laparoscope for a crisp, clear view in 5 seconds. The chemical and mechanical clean provides superior residue removal while helping to prevent intra-operative laparoscope fogging. Radiopaque VueTip™ Trocar Swabs remove debris and excess liquid from trocar cannula, and a microfiber cloth captures large residue and excess surfactant.

With two ports, you can warm a laparoscope while cleaning another, reducing preparation time when changing laparoscopes. LaparoVue® accepts 3-12mm laparoscopes without the need for a port size converter. It's single use for maximum infection control and requires no assembly.

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LaparoVue® Visibility System

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