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24k® Pump

The 24k® Pump delivers high performance with custom functions and flexible features that allow you to get the job done. These include inflow/outflow control capabilities, true Intra-articular Pressure Sensing (TIPS), shaver suction control, flow rates up to 2 liters per minute, and an EcoFlow® day-use tubing option that may increase efficiency in a busy OR.

Documents and Specifications

Capital Unit

24k® PUMP

CAT# 24K
Max Pressure 150 mmHg
Min Pressure 10 mmHg
Weight 10.3 lbs
Height 7.1 in
Width 14 in
Depth 15.9 in


24k® Autoclavable Remote Control

CAT # C8115

24k Shaver Sensor

CAT # 24K900

Shaver Sensor Extension

CAT # 24K191
Quantity 1 each

24k Interface cable, 2 meters

CAT # D4024
Length 2m

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