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PlumePort® SEO Product Overview

PlumePort® SEO easily connects from a standard trocar to a smoke plume evacuator for active, efficient, and safe removal of surgical smoke during laparoscopic procedures. Utilizing available surgical smoke evacuators and coupling it with this flow controlled device, PlumePort SEO provides fast and safe surgical smoke management while maintaining peritoneal distention without OR personnel interaction.

  • Active Smoke Removal
    Controlled Management of plume throughout the surgical procedure via surgical smoke evacuator.

  • Maximum Flow Control
    Built-in calibration maintains peritoneal distention without OR personnel interaction.

  • Adjustable Flow Rate
    Allows flow adjustment via surgical plume evacuator.

  • Universal Connectivity
    Standard luer lock fitting and connects to most surgical plume evacuators.

  • Up to 50% More Flow
    Provides greater flow than passive laparoscopic devices.

PlumePort® SEO Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Device
CAT # pp012seo
Qty 12/case

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