Buffalo Filter® Replacement Filters

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Buffalo Filter® Replacement Filters Product Overview

Buffalo Filter offers an extensive line of filters and pre-filters to fit your procedural requirements. Our smoke evacuator filters contain four stages of filtration in a single housing with a built-in pre-filter, special blend of activated carbon, ULPA filter and post filter ensuring 99.999% efficiency, down to 0.1–0.2 micron.
ViroSafe® ViroVac™ Filter
CAT # vs353
ViroSafe® VisiClear™ Filter
CAT # vs135
ViroSafe 6 Filter
ViroSafe® 6 Filter
CAT # vs06001
ViroSafe 6 Twin Port Filter
ViroSafe® 6 Twin Port Filter
CAT # vs06t04
ViroSafe Extra Long Life Twin Port Filter
ViroSafe® Extra Long Life Filter
CAT # vsxll02
ViroSafe® Extra Long Life Twin Port Filter
CAT # vsxllt02
ViroSafe Veterinary Filter
ViroSafe® Veterinary Filter
CAT # vsvet01
ViroSafe Erbium YAG Filter
ViroSafe® Erbium: YAG Filter
CAT # sing-vsey
ViroSafe® Erbium: YAG Kit
CAT # vsey1-4
ViroSafe OdorHair Removal Filter
ViroSafe® Odor - Hair Removal Filter
CAT # vsoh001
ViroSafe Pre-Filter
ViroSafe® Pre-Filter
CAT # bfpf7-8-10
ViroSafe 12 Filter
ViroSafe® 12 Filter
CAT # vs12d01

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