VCare® Plus and VCare® DX Uterine Manipulators

VCare® Plus and VCare® DX Product Overview

New and enhanced VCare® Plus uterine manipulator helps you deliver an even better surgical experience.

  • Provides superior exposure and access to pelvic cavity
  • Delineates vaginal fornices for easy identification of colpotomy plane
  • Maintains pneumoperitoneum throughout the procedure
VCare® Plus, Small
CAT # 60-6085-200a
Size 32mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs
VCare® Plus, Medium
CAT # 60-6085-201a
Size 34mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs
VCare® Plus, Large
CAT # 60-6085-202a
Size 37mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs
VCare® Plus, X-Large
CAT # 60-6085-203a
Size 40mm Cervical Cup
Qty 8/cs
VCare® DX Plus Manipulator
CAT # 60-6080-000a
Qty 8/cs

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