Knotless Suture Anchors

Firm Fixation. No Knot Stack. 

Argo Knotless® Suture Anchor

Control your tension for consistent compression

argo knotless suture anchor angled right showing suture

Hercules® Knotless Suture Anchor

PEEK anchor with unique suture channel that allows surgeons to implant, tension, and lock the anchor

hercules ft knotless anchor

PopLok® Knotless Suture Anchor

Want the option to tension after your anchor is seated?

poplok knotless suture anchor tip with blue and white sutures coming out alongside smaller poplok tip

CrossFT® Knotless/Knotless DT Suture Anchor

Versatile anchor useful in a variety of procedures

crossft knotless suture anchor angled right

UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite® Suture Anchor

Small and secure

ultrafix micromite anchor tip

Knotless Suture Anchor Product Videos

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