Volar Plate Repair

Surgical Technique

The volar plate of the hand is a thick ligament found in the interphalangeal joints that connects the proximal phalanx to the middle phalanx to provide joint stability and prevent hyperextension. Volar plates can be torn or ruptured upon sudden, forceful hyperextension or impacting injuries to the proximal interphalangeal joint. The majority of volar plate tears involve the detachment of the ligament from the proximal end of the middle phalanx. TruShot™ with Y-Knot® Shallow can be used to internally fixate the detached volar plate fragment to the proximal phalanx.



TruShot™ with Y-Knot® Shallow

  • All-in-one delivery system eliminates unnecessary steps and extra time
  • Unique anchor deployment technology allows for shallow 10mm tunnel
  • Strong fixation with less bone removal and no hard anchors left behind
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 This material provides information regarding how to use CONMED medical devices and instruments in surgical procedures.  Although reviewed by physicians it is not medical advice and each surgeon should use their own professional judgment before using to treat a particular patient.  Surgeons should be trained in the use of such devices before surgery and should always refer to the product labeling including the Instructions for Use before using any medical device.

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