Smarter Tenodesis Starts Here

For tenodesis repairs, the TenoLok Dual Expanding Tenodesis anchor is designed to provide strong fixation, reduced tendon damage and tendon wrap, and a fast technique.

Designed to Minimize Tendon Disruption
& Tendon Wrap

Currently a surgeon’s primary options for sub-cortical tenodesis fixation are threaded interference screw devices. These can potentially cause the tendon to wrap around the anchor as it screws in or even slice and damage the tendon.

To avoid this, the unique dual expanding feature of Tenolok anchors provides an all-inside repair that’s designed to minimize tendon disruption.

“Why TenoLok? No Tendon Wrap. No Tendon Damage. No Threads.
No Whip-Stitching” 

- Joseph Tauro, MD
Ocean County Sports Medicine
Paid CONMED Consultant


TenoLok™ Dual-Expanding Tenodesis Anchor


SubPec Biceps Tenodesis Using TenoLok™

Simple, Reproducible Technique

TenoLok™ anchors feature a fast technique that’s designed to help reduce procedure times.Straightforward delivery and fixation combined with no whip-stitching creates a technique

that eliminates steps and is easy to learn and replicate. The sliding suture also allows surgeons to gather and tension the tendon prior to fixation for additional ease.

detail pic 2

“With the simple technique of TenoLok™ anchors, I’m
usually able to complete the repair in under ten minutes.” 

- Brad Bernadini, MD
Reconstructive Orthopedics
Paid CONMED Consultant

Versatile for Shoulder,
Arthroscopic & Mini-Open

With the ability to be used both arthroscopically and with a mini-open technique, TenoLok™ anchors are a versatile option for a range of biceps tenodesis applications:

Shoulder Biceps Tenodesis

  • Suprapectoral
  • Subpectoral
  • High & low in the groove
detail pic 3

“These are my preferred anchors for tenodesis repairs. The TenoLok’s dual
fixation provides secure cortical and sub-cortical engagement in bone without
causing the tendon damage that I have seen with interference screws.” 

- Joseph Tauro, MD
Ocean County Sports Medicine
Paid CONMED Consultant