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Video Cart

The VP8500 Cart provides a platform for high definition or standard definition equipment. It has five adjustable 14" shelves, stainless steel arms, HD-SDI outlet for auxiliary monitor, CO2 tank holder, lockable rear doors, a 15'' retractable cord reel, and built-in isolation transformer.

Documents and Specifications

CCI Retro Kit for Visualization Cart


Video Cart, 230VAC

CAT # VP8501

Secondary Monitor Mount

CAT # VP8520

Monitor Mount For VP85XX Video Cart, 81cm (32”)

CAT # VP8532

Replacement Parts

Replacement Isolation Transformer for VP8501 Cart 230 VAC

CAT # VP8536

Wide Shelf for Vp8500 Cart

CAT # VP8540

4.6m (15’) Power Cord, 230 VAC – Europe

CAT # VP8552

4.6m (15’) Power Cord, 230 VAC – UK

CAT # VP8559

Post Mount Heavy Panel for Vp8500 Cart

CAT # VP8565

Video Cart

Primary Articulating Arm

CAT # VP8570

Secondary Arm with Keyboard Tray

CAT # VP8571

10K Pump Holder

CAT # VP8572

Dual Tank Gauge

CAT # VP8573

CO2 Holder, Dual Tank Holder

CAT # VP8574

CO2 Holder, Single Tank Holder

CAT # VP8575

Storage Drawer

CAT # VP8576

Camera Head Holder

CAT # VP8577

Footswitch Bin

CAT # VP8578

Tank Wrench with Magnetic Base

CAT # VP8580

Trinity™ Tablet Arm

CAT # VP8581

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