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BioBrace® Implant

Biocomposite Soft Tissue Scaffold

BioBrace® is highly differentiated.

Unlike traditional implant materials that are either synthetic or biologic, BioBrace® is a biocomposite of both.


  • Ready when you need it
  • Easy to use in a variety of techniques

Two Sizes

  • 5mm x 250mm size is ideal for tendon and ligament reinforcement
  • 23mm x 30mm size is ideal for cuff and achilles reinforcement

Proprietary Architecture

  • Soft and flexible, yet durable enough to support suturing and cannula passing
  • Features a highly porous type 1 collagen matrix (20μm average pore size) reinforced with bioresorbable PLLA microfilaments (15μm diameter)

An Impressive Display of Healing

In preclinical animal testing, BioBrace® demonstrated robust results.


Rapid cellular infiltration by 6 weeks1,2

180% thicker tendon vs non-operative control at 12 weeks2,3

Share the Load

Through augmentation, achieve native tendon strength within 12 weeks3

Note: Cannot be used as a standalone device.
1 Carter, Arnoczky et al. Animal study. ORS. 2021.
2 Kanski, Arciero et al. Animal study. OSET. 2020.
3 Walsh, Arciero et al. Animal study. ORS. 2021.

Documents and Specifications


BioBrace® Implant, 5mm x 250mm

CAT # BB5X250
Size 5mm x 250mm

BioBrace® Implant, 23mm x 30mm

CAT # BB23X30
Size 23mm x 30mm

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