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2.9mm Autoclavable Arthroscopes

QuickLatch® 2.9mm Arthroscopes offers superior optical performance in a smaller package than a standard 4mm arthroscope. Features include equivalent light transmission and image size to a 4mm arthroscope, increased depth-of-field and less distortion compared to competitive 4mm arthroscopes, and increased durability with proprietary sheath system. Scopes have a 152mm working length, 100° field-of-view, and 0°, 30°, 45°, and 70° angle-of-view.

Documents and Specifications

Arthroscope -eyecup-

2.9 mm, 0 Degree Envision ™ Autoclavable Eyecup Scope

CAT # T2900

2.9 mm, 30 Degree Envision ™ Autoclavable Eyecup Scope

CAT # T2930

2.9 mm, 70 Degree Envision ™ Autoclavable Eyecup Scope

CAT # T2970

4.0mm Small Joint Double Stopcock Sheath .

CAT # T4032

3.0mm Blunt Obturator

CAT # T4901

Replacement O-Ring, 7.9mm, Qty 2

CAT # T4904

5.2mm High Flow Double Stopcock Sheath

CAT # T4932

5.8mm Dual Stopcock Replacement Assembly

CAT # T5802

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