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Surgairtome Two® and OralMax™

High-Speed Drills

The Surgairtome Two® has over a half century of dependability and performance, and is among the most reliable oral high speed drills on the market today. It's lightweight and balanced for optimal control, feel, and visibility. Achieve high efficiency at cutting bone with minimal gas consumption. OralMax™ offers proven reliability with oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Documents and Specifications

Small Bone Capital

Surgairtome Two® Pneumatic High Speed Drill

CAT # 00505800100
Speed High

Micro100™ Medium Speed Drill


Micro100™ Reciprocating Saw

CAT # 00505301000

Micro100™ Sagittal Saw

CAT # 00505301100

Micro100™ Oscillating Saw

CAT # 00505301200

Micro100™ Wire Driver

CAT # 00505301300


Smartguard® Irrigator

CAT # 00602026000

Replacement Hex Wrench for Micro100™ Sagittal & Oscillating Saw

CAT # 00136500500

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