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Hall® Pro

Large Bone Oscillating Blades

The complete line of Hall® Pro large bone oscillating blades combines a rigid, stable body and aggressive, proven tooth profile with a new chromium coating1 for a blade that's designed to deliver precise, controlled cutting with less heat generation. The aggressive profile features large teeth, open gullets and and alternating blade offset.

Consistent thickness stainless steel bodies are designed to prevent bending and reduce vibration while increasing stability and cutting efficiency. Raised and recessed surfaces limit contact between blade and knee guide to help reduce heat generation. The unique reduced-thickness edges are designed to lower the probability of blades jamming within knee cutting guides.

Enjoy a full portfolio for every application. 33 total blades meet all required sizes. There are 15 different blade profiles, 8 different thicknesses, and 21 chromium-coated blades.


1 Hsieh et al. “Thermal Damage Potential during Hip Resurfacing in Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head: An Experimental Study.” Journal of Orthopaedic Research Volume 26, Issue 9, Version of Record online: 26 MAR 2008
* Chromium coating not available on all blades.

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