Experts in the Field

CONMED’s clinical expertise

Collaboration Driven by Clinicians

We’re dedicated to advancing healthcare through impactful clinical solutions, so we rely on a team of world-class clinical experts to lead the way. CONMED has a long history of working closely with physicians and other healthcare providers to gather techniques and pain points so we can find ways to improve the surgical experience and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

From developing first-to-market innovations with physician-led design teams to supporting ongoing physician education, CONMED is powered by our unmatched clinical commitment.

Pioneers in Orthopedic Innovation

Our physician-led design teams and testing process, which involves an array of healthcare providers, mean we’re continuously evolving our solutions based on real-time learning and feedback.


Designed by Physicians

We look to world-class healthcare providers with decades of experience to inform our teams and help develop our products so they meet and exceed clinical needs in each specialty. Each design team includes up to eight physicians that specialize in the relevant clinical area. Along with our R&D team, they develop, test, and validate product design and procedural techniques.

The Next Generation

We’re committed to supporting and developing future physicians by sharing our expertise.

Collaborative Partnerships

We partner with many surgical associations through sponsorships and educational opportunities, from individualized surgical skills training to advanced procedure symposia led by world-renowned faculty. We also offer courses at the Orthopedic Learning Center, to which we donate funds as well as CONMED surgical and patient care products.

nurses standing around a patient laying down while doctor exams patients arm

Supporting Future Surgeons

We’re proud to support a number of grant-funded fellowship programs with world-class institutions, including the Cincinnati Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship and University Hospitals Sports Medicine. Our support of the Foundation for Surgical Fellowships aids programs in flexible endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery. Additionally, we donate CONMED products to such organizations and schools as CURE International, The Ohio State University, and Steadman Philippon Research Institute.

medical professionals sitting in a row taking notes

Growing Every Day through Thoughtful Acquisitions

Our clinical expertise is guided by a belief that there’s always room to learn, and we apply that same approach to our company’s growth. We actively seek out and acquire experts and innovators in the field so we can continue developing our business with the most experienced and knowledgeable people.

From electrosurgical devices to the Linvatec and Hall brands, to Surgiquest and the leading smoke evacuation company Buffalo Filter, our acquisitions through the years have driven new areas of expertise and continued innovation. We’re committed to growing CONMED with intelligent opportunities that expand our clinical expertise.