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Looking Glass® 4K

Integrated Visualization System

Engineered for durability. Crafted for exceptional visualization.

For 4K surgical imaging, choose Looking Glass®. 3-Chip CMOS camera technology and 32” LED monitor with Gorilla Glass offer a brilliant color display for detailed multi-specialty visualization. An integrated “all-in-monitor” design enables versatility, optimizing cart space and reducing your equipment footprint. 

This surgical imaging system is designed to support arthroscopic and laparoscopic procedures.


The Looking Glass® 4K Camera head is durable, fully autoclavable, and features a 3-chip CMOS sensor for optimal image quality.

  • ShockFlex™ technology helps prevent damage from accidental drops
  • Full autoclavability eliminates need for expensive sterilization methods like Sterrad and Steris1
  • Customizable 5-button design increases user control for quick adjustments and 2:1 electronic zoom
  • Low-profile coupler and ergonomics enable modularity for different specialties
  • Additional camera offers an alternate coupler mechanism (from the IM8120) to enable Olympus/Wolf Urology scope compatibility

Backed by a 7-year steam penetration warranty

side view of looking glass camera head

A replacement to fragile fiber optic light guides, eLUMA™ reimagines surgical lighting.

  • 10x more durable than traditional fiber optic light guides2
  • Consistent and reliable natural light output enables realistic color reproduction
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with CCI

Three scope fitting configurations available for Storz-like, Wolf/Dyonic-compatible, and ACMI connection

eluma light guide head

The CCI integrated design offers installation flexibility and minimizes OR footprint

  • Compact interface for cables replaces traditional bulky camera and light consoles to save room on your tower
  • Colored LED indicator lights ensure intuitive, proper setup
  • Integrated USB port simplifies image / video transfer to external devices
  • Back-of-cart monitor arm placement expands working area for nurses
  • Five adjustable 14” shelves ensure modularity
  • 12G/3G SDI connector outlet provides connectivity to auxiliary monitor 
  • Customizable add ons including insufflator accessories, storage drawer, foot switch bin, camera head holder, and pump holder
Looking Glass delivers brilliant surgical visualization for your surgeons, with the durability and efficiency your perioperative staff needs. Explore our literature for more information.

Documents and Specifications

Capital Unit

Looking Glass® 4K Integrated Visualization System

CAT # AV4132
Classification Class 1, Type CF
Main Power 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.8Amp
Power Consumption 204VA
Display Resolution 4K (17:9) for image resolution of 4096x2160
Video Outputs Display Port 1.2, HDMI, 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, UHD 3840x2160p, 1080p, 50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions Console 777(W)x472(H)x119(D)mm, 30.6(W)x18.6(H)x4.6(D)in
Weight Console 32.3lbs. (14.7kg)
Remote Output x2 3.5mm Two Conductor (mono) Phone Jack – Female
Ingress Protection System IP20, Power Supply IPX0

Looking Glass® 4K Camera Head 3MOS Eyecup

Image Sensor 3 CMOS sensors 1/3 inch
Sensitivity F8 at 2000lx, 3200K
Signal to Noise Ratio 54dB
Ingress Protection Rating IPX7

Looking Glass® 4K Camera Head 3MOS Eyecup - Locking

Image Sensor 3 CMOS sensors 1/3 inch
Sensitivity F8 at 2000lx, 3200K
Signal to Noise Ratio 54dB
Ingress Protection Rating IPX7

eLuma™ Electronic Light Guide



Looking Glass® Cable Connector Interface (CCI)

Ingress Protection IPX1

ELG Dyonics/Wolf adapter


ELG CONMED threaded adapter


ELG ACMI adapter


Scope to threaded adapter


AV8500 Visualization Cart 230V AC

CAT # AV8501
Volts AC 230

Primary Articulating Arm

CAT # AV8570

Secondary Articulating Arm

CAT # AV8571

Experience the Difference



1 “An Economic Analysis of the Benefits of Sterilizing Medical Instruments in Low-Temperature Systems Instead of Steam.” American Journal of Infection Control, Elsevier, 29 Mar. 2017, www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0196655317301475.
2 Data on file, PDD1812924