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Veress Needles

The LaparoLight™ Veress Needle advances laparoscopic access.

LaparoLight® features SafetyView™ Illumination Technology, a new safety enhancement developed so surgeons no longer have to blindly guess when the peritoneal cavity has been entered. A light immediately alerts them to entry. The “illuminated” visual placement indicator enhances current safety protocols and provides increased assurance to the surgeon during blind insertion.

There is also a distinct audible “click” as the blunt tip springs forward entering peritoneal cavity. A clear hub allows for easy viewing during aspiration and hanging drop tests.

CONMED also offers disposable Veress type insufflation needles. A spring-loaded, retractactable safety tip protector retracts as the needle is pushed through the abdominal tissue and automatically advances once the peritoneum is penetrated. The needle features a clear handle for easy hanging drop tests, and a luer lock connector for insufflating the abdominal cavity.

Documents and Specifications


LaparoLight™ Veress Needle 120mm

CAT # LLVN12012
Qty 12/case

LaparoLight™ Veress Needle 150mm

CAT # LLVN15012
Qty 12/case

CONMED 12.00cm Pneumoperitoneum Disposable Insufflation Needle

CAT # 60-6050-001
Gauge 14
Length 12.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure 10/case, 1/pkg

CONMED 15.00cm Pneumoperitoneum Disposable Insufflation Needle

CAT # 60-6050-002
Gauge 14
Length 15.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure 10/case, 1/pkg

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