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Tapered Specialty Shaver Blades

When you need access in the glenohumeral joint, under the meniscus, or in the back of the knee, CONMED’s Lanza™ Tapered Specialty Shaver Blade is specifically designed to provide you with exacting, precise, and efficient resection for challenging anatomy. The tapered tip is designed to provide easy access to tight spaces, difficult-to-reach anatomy, and around sensitive areas. It can also serve as an effective soft tissue probe.

Lanza™ features a dual inner cutting window. Compared to a standard blade, this window provides twice as many cuts per rotation to maximize volumetric resection.1 Designed to reduce metal particulate generation, the shrink tubing on the inner blade shaft provides a barrier to prevent metal-on-metal contact,2 while the exterior features hardened TrimRite® Stainless Steel that helps maintain a sharp cutting edge.3 The smooth cutting profile is designed to prevent snagging on soft tissue when navigating tight spaces, while the shallow exterior window and dual inner cutting window are designed to reduce clogging.


1 Comparison to standard single cutting window blades.
2 Data on file. TR13-200.
3 Data on file. TR17-00566-1.

Documents and Specifications



CAT # 9391A
Size 4.2mm
Length 13cm
Max F R Speed 6,000 RPM
Max Oscillate Speed 2,500 RPM
Tip Design Tapered
Straight Pre bent Straight
Cutting Profile Smooth outer, smooth/dual inner

Pre-bent Lanza™ ,13cm

CAT # 9391M

Pre-bent Lanza™ , 19cm*


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