Infection Prevention

Elevating Patient Safety

We see your daily burden to uphold safety standards. It inspires our innovation. This portfolio is designed to reduce the risk of endoscopy-related infections,1-3 and protect your patients and equipment.


CleanGuard® and ClearGuard™ Endoscope Valves

A solution that eliminates reprocessing steps while reducing risk of hospital acquired infection, meeting AORN, AAMI, and SGNA standards1-3

1 AORN. “2016 Guidelines for Perioperative Practice: Guideline for Processing Flexible Endoscopes.” (2016).
2 AAMI. “American National Standards ANSI/AAMI ST91: 2015. Flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing in health care facilities.” (2015).
3 SGNA. “Standards of Infection Prevention in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes.” (2015).

one red and one blue cleanguard endoscope valves

CleanCage™ Endoscope Valve-Tracking System

Ensuring safe handling and tracking of endoscope valves during cleaning, disinfection, and storage

cleancage closed around an endoscope


CleanTray™ Endoscope Pre-Cleaning System

Simplify and standardize post-procedure endoscope pre-cleaning with this all-in-one solution

top view of cleantray endoscope precleaning system


Cleaning Brushes

A full range of brushes for pre-sterilization channel cleaning of various scopes

bristles on a cleaning brush


Scope Saver® and CONMED Bite Blocks

Designed for optimal patient comfort and protection of delicate scopes

blue bite block and purple and green bite block

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Did you know?

You could remove up to 47% more soil4 from your duodenoscopes during manual cleaning by incorporating just one thing.

4 Data on file: PDD1763799.

Cleaning Brushes