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Outside-the-Box Innovation

If you challenge the status quo and seek unconventional solutions, we understand you. And we develop products with you in mind. 


TenoLok® Dual-Expanding Tenodesis Anchor

Eliminate tendon wrap with this fast, simplistic technique

full product shot of tenolok showing handle and tip

DuaFit® PIP Implant

A system for the arthrodesis of interphalangeal joints

duafit implant

PitStop™ Subtalar Implant

An endorthesis to be used in correction of flat foot

animation of pitstop in the bone

SmartNail® & SmartPin® Implants

Eliminate hardware removal with bioabsorbable bone fragment fixation

smartnail and three smartpins

CoLink® Sfx Implant System

Implantable wires and caps

colink sfx implant

ExoShape® Femoral Soft Tissue Fastener

Expandable Block Lock provides graft compression and aperture fixation

tip of the exoshape femoral soft tissue fastener

ExoShape® Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener

“Closed force loop” eliminates unwanted graft laxity

tip of exoshape tibial soft tissue fastener

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