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UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite®

Suture Anchor

The UltraFix® Knotless MiniMite® 2.3mm Suture Anchor provides secure fixation while eliminating the difficult knot-tying step. Prior to deploying the anchor in the bone, the appropriate tension of the tissue can be achieved with a simple technique.

Documents and Specifications

Suture Anchors

UltraFix® MiniMite® Anchor, 2.30mm with Threader

CAT # 10201
Diameter 2.30mm
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1

Drill Bit/Guide

Arthroscopic Drill Bit, 2.40mm

CAT # 10206
Diameter 2.40mm

Drill Bit, 2.40mm

CAT # 10202
Diameter 2.40mm

Suture Anchors

UltraFix® MiniMite® StitchPak®, 2.30mm dia.

CAT # 10215A
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 5

UltraFix® MiniMite® StitchPak®, 2.30mm

CAT # 10211
Diameter 2.30mm

Drill Bit/Guide

Drill Guide, 6pt

CAT # 10298
Type 6 pt guide

Drill, 1.8mm

CAT # 10297
Size 1.8mm


Insertion Gun

CAT # 10299
Type Insertion Gun

Suture Anchors

1.5mm UltraFix® MicroMite® StitchPak®

CAT # 10301
Size 1.5mm

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