Pediatric ECG Electrodes

CONMED Neonatal and Pediatric electrodes are specifically designed to adhere well to delicate skin while avoiding skin irritation.

Huggables™ Pediatric and Neonatal Electrodes - Snap Style

Including Wet Gel Technology and perforated tape to enable observation of the skin and moisture evaporation

a round, white huggable electrode

Softrace® Pediatric Cloth Electrodes with Pre-Attached Leadwires

Featuring 2000MP Hydrogel, pre-attached leadwires, and soft cloth fabric that conforms to the patient’s skin

a softrace pediatric cloth electrode with a pink heart design and a softrace pediatric cloth electrode with a blue heart design

Neotrode® and Neotrode® II Tape Electrodes with Pre-attached Leadwires

Offered in two sizes with clear tape for continuous observation of the skin

neotrode electrode with a teddy bear design and neotrode II electrode with a frog design