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Specialty Adapters

Fifth Lead Adapter
This specialty adapter allows a clinician to use a backpad and one additional electrode at the same time. This permits the monitoring of five electrode sites when using a five lead backpad cable, whereas the backpad alone only monitors four sites. The fifth electrode is sometimes referred to as a roving lead because the clinician has the ability to move it to any location. This adapter uses a CONMED R series leadwire, which must be ordered separately.

R Series Adapter
This specialty adapter allows a clinician to convert the backpad/stripper cable into a five lead R series cable. In this way, clinicians who use backpads as well as standard ECG electrodes only need to have one cable for both applications. Use of this adapter requires a five lead backpad cable. This adapter uses five CONMED R series leadwires that must be ordered separately.

Documents and Specifications


Adapter: Backpad - Fifth Lead Adapter

CAT # 38-610-H

Adapter: Backpad - R Series Adapter

CAT # 38-620-R

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