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Biliary Stone Balloon

Designed by endoscopists for endoscopists.

CONMED’s FIT® (Flexible Intelligent Therapy) SW Stone Balloon adjusts to the duct size to ensure the easy removal of biliary stones. The balloon inflates to ranges from 9mm up to 22mm, adjusting to the caliber of the bile duct and reducing the need to change devices mid-procedure. This design helps provide effective occlusion by adjusting size to the desired duct and helps easily accommodate anatomical variations.

The FIT® balloon is designed to reduce resistance and bursting through a rugged yet pliable material that is not made with natural rubber latex. Transparent material allows for better endoscopic visualization when compared to other market-leading biliary stone balloons.

Dual-injection ports help reduce intraductal pressures. Promixal and distal injection ports available on every device help to decrease unnecessary contract injection into hepatic ducts and can help reduce fluoroscopy time.

Part of CONMED's Biliary Assurance Program,1 CONMED stands behind the FIT® Biliary Stone Balloon and its ability to make it through even the toughest cases without breakage. This reduction in balloon breakage during the procedure can help with shortened procedures and less cost by using only one balloon per procedure.

1 Subject to Terms & Conditions, MCM2017139

Need Inflation?

Check out the CONMED Balloon Inflation Device. It's a single-use, user-friendly device offering controlled inflation and deflation with the ability to rapidly deflate the balloon when desired.

Documents and Specifications


FIT® Short Wire Stone Balloon, 9-22mm

CAT # F922SW
Max Vol 4.5mL
Cath Length 210cm
Cath O D 7F
Guidewire Compatibility .035"/.89mm

FIT® Long Wire Stone Balloon, 9-22mm

CAT # F922LW
Max Vol 4.5mL
Cath Length 210cm
Cath O D 7F
Guidewire Compatibility .035"/.89mm


CONMED Balloon Inflation Device

CAT # 100851

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