Reshaping the Future of Cartilage Repair

CartiMax® is different

As an off-the-shelf solution, CartiMax®:

✔ Can be used for any chondral lesion, and is commonly used in the knee, foot, and ankle

✔ Contains viable cartilage fibers

✔ Remodels to hyaline cartilage over time

CartiMax® offers simple preparation and an easy technique


✔ Single-stage procedure

✔ Putty-like handling properties

✔ 24-month shelf life in the freezer

✔ Fills lesions up to 5cm2

✔ No fibrin glue or anchors required for fixation

✔ No microfracture

✔ No templating


“Repairing a chondral defect with VCA [CartiMax®] is a simple, single‐stage procedure providing a cartilage matrix and viable endogenous chondrocytes while recreating articular contour. If a known or unsuspected lesion is encountered, there is no need to harvest autologous chondrocytes or violate the subchondral bone plate - lessening morbidity, fibrocartilaginous in-growth, or the need for an additional procedure.”

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Excerpt from "Viable Cartilage Allograft Outperforms Existing Treatments for Focal Knee Cartilage Defects"

Desai, B., Assid, E., Jacobs, G., Dasgupta, A., Williams, G., Choate, W. S., Montgomery, S., Godshaw, B., Siru, M., and Jones, D.

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CartiMax® is a readily available solution, so your patients can skip the “waiting list” and avoid two-stage procedures that prolong their recovery. 

two fingers wearing blue latex gloves holding cartimax viable cartilage allograft showing its features

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