AAOS Takeaway: The Tissue is the Issue™


The Tissue is the Issue™ 

Attendees were bombarded with signs promoting innovative and simple solutions, but perhaps no station was as busy and engaging as the interactive BioBrace® strength test.  Surgeons were able to lift 25lb weights held by the BioBrace® Implant, showing that BioBrace® is strong while also providing high porosity and healing potential.
Shoulder surgeons were delighted to control their tension through the inventive Smart Tension cleat on the Argo Knotless® Suture Anchor.
Knee surgeons weren’t left out of the fun. The brand-new Infinity AIM™ All-Inside Meniscal Repair Device showcased a small piercing diameter to help minimize damage to meniscal tissue. Surgeons appreciated the hidden implant design that kept patient safety at the forefront.

CartiMax® was another popular solution for both knee and foot & ankle surgeons. The cost-effective product (when compared to other autograft-based technologies that require two surgeries) has numerous clinical benefits that are truly reshaping the future of cartilage repair.
Surgeon presentations dazzled the audience
There certainly wasn’t a lack of data presented at AAOS. Once again, the novel BioBrace® Implant shined. Dr. Scott Sigman presented his long-term results using BioBrace® in complex rotator cuff tears, highlighting an 88% clinical success rate. As these tears typically suffer from retear rates between 40-78%, Dr. Sigman’s results demonstrate a significant improvement compared to the literature. View the presentation HERE.

Dr. Deryk Jones shared his versatile use of BioBrace® in a number of different applications, highlighting its unique versatility. BioBrace® is indicated for reinforcement of soft tissue where weakness exists, and has been used in over 42 unique procedures to date. Click HERE to view the presentation.
Dr. Paul Favorito shared the science behind the technology, identifying BioBrace® as the “holy grail” for cuff augmentation and detailing his technique for BioBrace® in arthroscopic rotator cuff.  Dr. Amit Momaya offered his experience using BioBrace® in ACL and extra-articular augmentation to treat at-risk knee pathologies.

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