Tackling the Latest Trends and Technology


Everyone agrees keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology is crucial for healthcare practitioners…but finding the time to do so isn’t always easy.

Between managing clinic, caseloads, and CME, there aren’t many hours left to seek out the latest and greatest for your specialty. Unfortunately, the effects of neglecting focus on innovation can impact patient satisfaction, quality of care, and more.

So, how does one find time to sharpen their tools efficiently? Here are a few ideas:

Take full advantage of conferences and association meetings. You’re likely attending at least one or two events each year. Make the most of these opportunities and take a coffee break stroll through the exhibit hall. Look for industry or meeting sponsored breakfasts, luncheons, and evening events that offer a new perspective in an environment that appeals to you. 

Industry sponsors usually host events, and shows all have educational aspects to share what’s happening in the industry and how it’s impacting outcomes. Adding a few of these events to your calendar will keep you in the know, without a ton of extra time commitments on your end. 

Make a habit to keep up with publications. This approach takes consistency but doesn’t require significant time. And with the wide variety of journals available, you can find a read that suits your style, interests, and is highly relevant to your practice. 

Some publishers are even changing the game, in an effort to get critical and thought-provoking content into the hands of the people who want it. The Journal of Orthopaedic Experience & Innovation (JOEI) for instance, is a complete open-access journal, requiring no subscription fees or article processing fees. They’re aiming to eliminate publication barriers to make cutting-edge research, new techniques, and clinical experiences available to everyone. 

Follow thought leaders on social media. Even if we’re hesitant to admit it, the majority of us spend time each day scrolling on social media. Why not fill your feed with content that serves you and your practice well? Even your vendors make strong efforts to deliver valuable content and cutting-edge techniques, so following the industry leaders – practicing or not – can help you keep up to date on trending topics and technology. 

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