Stretching the Life of Your Surgical Imaging Platforms? Consider This...


Hospitals have continued to weather financial concerns this year, but good news may be on the horizon... 

In a survey done by BTIG of hospital executives and purchasing directors, the majority predict that financials will start to improve in 2024.1 A hopeful tone for the new year approaching, but many facilities are still coping with decreased budget and cautious capital spending. 

With procedures reaching full scheduling capacity in several specialties, some are putting the durability and longevity of their capital equipment to the test.

“Considering arthroscopy and laparoscopy towers, we are seeing many customers hold on to their equipment longer because they’re not ready to upgrade their entire system,” says Sabrina Valli, Capital Technical Marketing Specialist for CONMED’s Advanced Visualization portfolio. “But there are ways our customers can update portions of their system to improve performance, without committing to an entirely new tower.”

If your platform could use an update, here are a few creative ways you can secure the upgrade you need, while still retaining a significant portion of your existing system

Upgrade Your Content Management Platform

If your team is having difficulty troubleshooting, struggling with lack of patient data storage, or frustrated by an inability to connect to hospital networks, the new all-in-monitor Touch Screen platform may be just what you need. 

Designed to be intuitive and scalable, Touch Screen provides options for functionality and cost savings, including.

  • Live video streaming, voice annotations, and PACS and DICOM connections
  • Record images and video, create work lists, launch cases, and print and export data to a USB
  • Eliminate a console from the cart, making more space for other equipment

This is a great step towards an upgraded platform without securing a whole new tower. 

Elevate Your Scopes from High-Definition to Ultra High-Definition

If you have to frequently service your scopes, or are getting comments from surgeons frustrated by blurry or poorly colored images, then upgrading your scopes is a quick and easy switch that can make a big impact.

  • Brighter clearer picture and a crisper image
  • UHD Quick Latch design provides an easy connection point
  • Available in arthroscopes and laparoscopes

Tip: Add a Scope Service Package to ensure your new scopes stay in top condition!

Depending on the life of your video equipment, or if you are preparing to expand your capacity, you may be ready to invest in a new video system

If that time is now, consider the Looking Glass® 4K Integrated Video Platform. Engineered with an all-in-monitor design, Looking Glass can minimize the footprint of your surgical imaging system while enhancing image quality, user navigation, and durability. 


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