Is Medical Education Just for Healthcare Providers? 


CONMED is committed to enabling healthcare providers to deliver exceptional outcomes for patients globally. Our Field Representatives play a crucial role in this mission. Because of this, we empower every CONMED Representative to be a knowledgeable and valuable member of your team. Continuing Education is just as important to them, as it is for you. 

Throughout the year we facilitate several opportunities for learning for our CONMED Representatives. We focus on the most recent techniques, clinical topics, and safe and effective use of CONMED products. We regularly engage clinical faculty to provide insight into their world and share how our teams can contribute in a valuable, relevant way. 
This month, our Advanced Endoscopic Technologies team gathered in Scottsdale, AZ for several days of therapeutic endoscopy training. Dr. Rawad Mounzer, practicing at Interventional Endoscopy Associates, presented his ERCP and Biliary Stenting techniques to our team. He explained how he treats altered anatomy in his patients, plus the benefits and potential complications associated with each approach.

Another key Faculty member led a session on third space endoscopy, focusing on novel therapeutic techniques and tools for resecting subepithelial tumors and treating conditions such as achalasia. Third space refers to endoscopic procedures working within the submucosal layer of the digestive tract. These therapies present a minimally invasive alternative to patients who would otherwise be referred to surgery, and have been a key focus in recent innovation and clinical research in the field of Gastroenterology. 

Attendees left the conference with a stronger knowledge of therapeutic practices and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for our customers and their patients. “Clinical knowledge is a leading driver of success for our sales representatives, we’re proud to partner with our physicians to continue to grow the knowledge and awareness of each member of our team,” says Chris Dols, Director of Marketing for Advanced Endoscopic Technologies division. 

In our Orthopedics division, our Sales Training Team is incorporating Virtual Reality into their Medical Education framework. CONMED’s VRthroscopy™ program provides an engaging platform for Orthopedic procedural learning for Sales Representatives, Residents, Fellows, and surgeons alike. 

"With this exciting educational platform, we can connect teachers and learners from all over the globe into the same immersive 3D Virtual Operating Room for memorable and impactful training sessions that drive improved patient outcomes. This is especially impactful for our Field Representatives who need to understand the relevant anatomy, pathology, and procedures they cover inside and out."

By fostering a Continuing Education mindset within our Field Representative Team, we aim to uphold our mission and strengthen the impact to exceptional patient outcomes.