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Mini-Revo® and Bio Mini-Revo®

Suture Anchors

The Bio Mini-Revo® suture anchor is a 3.1mm diameter screw-in implant manufactured from CONMED's patented Self-Reinforced 96L/4D Poly Lactic Acid. The implant is pre-loaded on a disposable driver and is pre-threaded with #2 Hi-Fi® suture. It offers a combination of high pull-out strength and ideal bioabsorbable characteristics for shoulder instability procedures. The unique low-profile instrument set, which includes drill guides, a drill bit, a bone punch, and a self-drilling tap, enables precise placement of the pilot hole and the implant for a reproducible technique.

The Mini-Revo® suture anchor is designed primarily for arthroscopic and open Bankart shoulder repair. Additional applications include other shoulder repair procedures, as well as use in small joints.

Documents and Specifications

Mini Revo® Suture Anchor, 2.70mm O.D. x 8.50mm, Pre-Threaded with #2 Polyester Suture, Implant and Suture Only

CAT # C6109A
Outer Diameter 2.70mm
Length 8.50mm

Mini Revo® Driver

CAT # C6110A

Mini Revo® Bone Punch, 1.50mm

CAT # C6114
Diameter 1.50mm

Mini Revo® Drill Guide

CAT # C6116

Bio Instability Self-Drilling Bone Tap, 2.40mm

CAT # C6177
Size 2.40mm

Suture Threader

CAT # C6113

Mini Revo® Drill Bit, 1.50mm

CAT # C6115A
Diameter 1.50mm

Bio Instability Twist Drill Bit, 2.10mm

CAT # C6179
Size 2.10mm

Crochet Hook

CAT # C6105

Mini Revo® Suture Anchor, 2.70mm O.D. x 8.50mm, Pre-Threaded, #2 Hi-Fi® Suture, Implant and Suture Only

CAT # C6109H
Outer Diameter 2.70mm
Length 8.50mm

Percutaneous Instrumentation

Bio Instability Surgical Instrument Tray

CAT # C6178

Drill Guide, Serrated

CAT # C6172
Type Serrated

Drill Guide, Fishmouth

CAT # C6171
Type Fishmouth

Blunt Obturator

CAT # C6173

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