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AirSeal® iFS

Intelligent Flow System

The AirSeal® iFS is the world’s first "3 in 1" insufflation management system and features unmatched capabilities in providing a stable pneumoperitoneum, constant smoke evacuation1, and the ability to operate at lower intra-abdominal pressures.

Low Pressure Laparoscopy

Data shows that low pressure laparoscopy was previously difficult to accomplish due to the limitations associated with conventional insufflation. The AirSeal® System's unique ability to maintain pneumoperitoneum and constantly remove smoke enables surgeons to operate at lower pressure without compromising exposure. 

By providing stable pneumoperitoneum, constant smoke evacuation, and valve-free access to the abdominal cavity, the AirSeal® System has been demonstrated to reduce procedural time, resulting in increased operating efficiency.2

Enjoy three modes of operation

AirSeal Mode

Use with a Tri-Lumen Filtered Tube Set for the following benefits:

  • Optimizes gas flow to provide stable pneumoperitoneum
  • Facilitates smoke evacuation and filtration with 0.01µ ULPA filter
  • Provides the ability to operate at lower intra-abdominal pressures

Smoke Evacuation Mode

Use with a Bifurcated, Dual-Lumen Filtered Tube Set. This provides high flow insufflation and facilitates smoke evacuation and filtration with 0.01µ ULPA filter.

Standard Insufflation Mode

Use with a Single-Lumen Filtered Tube Set for high flow insufflation.


1 Constant smoke evacuation is only available in AirSeal and Smoke Evacuation modes
2 George AK, Wimhofer R, Viola KV, Pernegger M, Costamoling W, Kavoussi LR, Loidl W. World J Urol. 2015 Mar 1.


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Documents and Specifications


AirSeal iFS1 120V

Voltage 120V


iFS Connector for House (Central) Gas, Must be installed on the iFS DISS Fitting

Note USA/Domestic Use Only


AirSeal Cart for iFS, USA/Domestic Use

Note Cart with Bottle Rack, Holds Two “E” Size C02 Tanks

AirSeal® Cart for iFS with Switching Valve, USA/Domestic Use

Note Holds Two Two “E” Size C02 Tanks, and Switching Valve

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