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Cleaning Brushes

CONMED offers a full range of cleaning brushes to clean a variety of scope channels prior to sterilization, including the Channel Master™ and the Blue Bullet® series of endoscopic cleaning brushes. Both product lines offer single, double, and a variety of combo and dual-ended brushes. The Blue Bullet® provides a stiffer bristle and a longer working shaft option.

Documents and Specifications


Blue Bullet® Combination Cleaning Brush 10.00/5.00mm

CAT # 478C
Brush Diameter 10.00mm/5.00mm
Brush Length 38.00mm/13.00mm
Shaft Length 250.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure 50/box

Blue Bullet® Double Ended Cleaning Brush 5.00mm X 250.00cm

CAT # 478D
Brush Diameter 5.00mm
Brush Length 13.00mm
Shaft Length 250.00cm
Purchasing Unit of Measure 50/box

Channel Master™ Pediatric/Bronchoscope Cleaning Brush 2.00mm

CAT # 000610

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