Interference Screws

Solid, Screw-in Solutions

This portfolio delivers strong fixation during critical healing periods. And with an abundance of options, we can accommodate your material, sizing, and technique preferences.

GENESYS™ Matryx® Interference Screws

An optimal combination of biologic healing1 and mechanical integrity

EZStart™ Interference Screws

This self-tapping, self-notching screw will save you steps in your BTB technique

Bioscrew® Interference Screws

A family of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) solutions for femoral and tibial applications

Cannulated Interference Screws

Packaged with stainless steel guidewire to facilitate screw insertion

SoftTissue Anchoring System

Low-profile screw and washer option for excellent fixation of soft tissue to bone

Partnering with MTF Biologics, for Tissue You Can Trust

MTF upholds the highest standards from tissue selection through processing. And studies show it has a clinical impact.*

* Maletis, Gregory, et al. “Increased Risk of Revision after ACLR with Soft Tissue Allograft Compared to Hamstring Autograft.” ISAKOS. 6 June 2015. ePoster #1219.

Allograft Cartilage And Tissue

The Knee Innovation You Need

1 Biologic Healing is defined by CONMED as the body’s natural healing process