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Electrosurgical Platform

Combining sophisticated technology with unrivaled ease of use.

The Beamer® is designed to assist in the delivery of effective results, whatever your level of expertise in electrosurgery. With built-in intelligence, innovation, and an intuitive user interface, Beamer® allows for the quick selection of desired clinical effect, designed to deliver consistent and repeatable clinical results for multiple therapies from a single platform. This system was developed and designed for users like you, by users like you. The result is a perfectly integrated technology that's been expertly designed to meet your needs.

Documents and Specifications

Beamer® Plus Argon Module

CAT # CB200
Power Supply via Beamer® ESU
Power Input Max. 40 watts
Argon Gas Flow 0.1 to 8.01/min +/- 20%
Weight and Dimensions 3.5kg / 390 x 108 x 425mm

Beamer® CE200 ESU Generator

CAT # CE200
Power Req 100-240V +/- 10% / max. 6.3 A / 6.3 A
Nominal Frequencies 50 / 60 Hz
Power Input In Standby Mode 40 VA
Max Power Input 600 VA
Cutting Power Max. 350 watts
Coagulation Power Max. 120 watts
HF Frequencies 350 - 850 kHz
Weight and Dimensions 8.3kg / 390 x 182 x 435mm

Connecting Cable for Reusable Return Electrodes

CAT # CE200-A04

Beamer® Double Foot Pedal with SWAP Mode

CE200-A05 CE200-A05

Beamer® Connecting Cable for Flexible Argon Probes

CAT # CB200-A01

Argon Pressure Reducer

CAT # CB200-A02

Universal Monopolar Active Cord


Beamer® Cart

CAT # CC200
Weight and Dimensions 38kg / 660 x 1030 x 580mm

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