Surgical Imaging

Delivering the Technology of Tomorrow, Today

A critical element of any arthroscopic or laparoscopic operating room or endoscopy suite. Delivering the pristine picture your physicians need, with total value you can't beat.


Looking Glass® 4K Integrated Visualization System

Superior image quality and durability with an “all-in-monitor” interface to optimize cart space 

Looking Glass® 4K Camera Head - 3MOS Eyecup

Durable and fully autoclavable, featuring a 3-chip CMOS sensor designed to enhance visualization

eLuma™ Electronic Light Guide

This unique design pulls the light source to the scope, eliminating fragile fiber optic cables 

Touch Glass Image Capture System

All-in-one image capture system with components built into the touch screen

AV8500 Video Cart

Monitor arm relocation toward the rear of the cart promotes a nurse-friendly workstation


IM8000 True HD 3MOS Camera System

HD 3MOS technology allows surgeons to achieve a more accurate view of anatomic characteristics

LS8000 Direct LED Light Source

Featuring consistent light output and built-in communication from the IM8000 camera head

LED Monitors and Wireless Systems

Engineered for optimal surgical imaging for multi-specialty, minimally invasive procedures

VP8500 Video Cart

A platform for high or standard definition equipment that aims to improve OR functionality

Sony UP-DR80MD Printer

Fast and reliable, designed to provide outstanding image quality and color reproduction


QuickLatch® Ultra-High Definition (UHD) 4mm Autoclavable Arthroscopes

Providing increased clarity and detail for vivid image production

High Definition (HD) 4mm Autoclavable Arthroscopes

With advanced optics and an innovative scope-sheath interface

QuickLatch® 2.9mm Autoclavable Arthroscopes

Superior optical performance with 152mm working length and 100° field-of-view

Small Joint Autoclavable Arthroscopes

An advanced optical system with a sapphire lens to ensure durability

Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Laparoscopes

Enhanced image clarity and sharpness for improved viewing of anatomic structures


Sterilization Trays for Scopes

Properly store and reprocess HD autoclavable devices for multi-specialty procedures

A Smart Investment

Looking Glass™ delivers total value through a reduced footprint and cost-effective reprocessing, backed with a 7-year steam penetration warranty.

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